Kan Zeman shines on Friday evenings, when popular singers accompany live Arabic music and diners pack every table. Local families with kids, young East Jerusalem couples, tourists, waiters, and cooks often dance in the aisles, and the whole place rocks well into the evenings. Monday nights offers quieter, more traditional live music without vocalists. But even if you can’t make it on those evenings, this charming, vine-covered garden restaurant (it’s heated in winter) rewards customers. The menu is a moderately priced mix of Continental and Middle Eastern dishes, all expertly cooked; the house specialty is a deliciously seasoned chicken shwarma (NIS 45), served with freshly chopped salad. In 2013, a special Ramadan menu was inaugurated, with traditional lamb, chicken, and vegetarian dishes cooked in clay pots and local tagine stews, all available most nights of the year with advance request. Reservations are required for music nights, as is a minimum dinner order. As the restaurant is Christian-owned, alcohol is served.