Named for the way locals pronounce Machane Yehuda Market (and with a decor that purposefully looks like a market warehouse), this is the hottest upscale restaurant in Jerusalem. The creation of three talented young chef/owners, it’s a loud, bustling place—so not the choice if you’re hoping for an intimate, romantic meal. But if you’re interested in modern gastronomy, try to nab seats at the bar overlooking the kitchen so you can watch the three chefs working, joking, and (when we were there last) dancing around at their stations. The menu is written on a board each day and always features what’s freshest at the market, often in zany concoctions. On our last visit, we were lucky enough to try an appetizer of Blue Fin fish with watermelon, purple foie gras, and sea bream on fresh buffalo yogurt with Swiss chard; and a special market stew that bubbled all-day long until it was meltingly tender. First and main courses are a must if you really want the experience here; don’t worry, portions are not huge. Although the restaurant is not kosher, it’s closed on Shabbat. Make reservations well in advance.