This popular place has been serving up traditional home-style food in generous portions for great prices since 1948. Decor is absolutely no-frills, and the food makes no pretense to gourmet standards, but the wide-ranging menu comprises dishes that draw from Israel’s multiethnic melting pot. Start with warm, flaky Yemenite salouf, a flat bread, served with traditional tomato puree dip, and then go on to a Kurdish dumpling soup, East European liver blintzes, a Viennese-style chicken schnitzel, a Middle Eastern plate of grilled lamb or chicken kabobs (the chicken is better), or a Moroccan couscous, all served with side orders of veggies, potatoes, pasta, or salad. At lunch or dinnertime, there’s often a line, but turnover is fast and the wait is seldom long. Takeout is available.