A Jerusalem institution, thick with atmosphere, this is one of the best vegetarian choices in town. It’s also an unofficial social club, a place where people come during off-hours to sit and talk over coffee or a glass of wine. Many stay through dinner so they can order steaming bowls of soups, salads, a slice of hefty lasagna, or shakshuka (a spicy Jerusalem home-style tomato-and-egg casserole). The daily menu ranges from excellent fillet of Denis from the Red Sea served on a bed of couscous to homemade bread with lox and cream cheese. Fabulous cakes and Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are added pluses; recently, the chef has been printing out her recipes for such treats as crispy quinoa cakes as an added incentive to stop by. Set in a 19th-century house with rooms lined with used books, the cafe sponsors a program of readings and talks in Hebrew and English on some nights, music on others. Check the monthly schedule of events.