The highly refined recipes of Lebanese-style cooking are considered to be the haute cuisine of the Arabic world, and that’s what’s on offer at Turquoise, open since 2012. Talented Chef Kamal Hashlamon is at the helm (he trained at Mul Yam, Tel Aviv’s famed seafood restaurant), and he has created a menu that’s both sophisticated and traditional. In addition to Kamal’s exquisite but more familiar hot and cold meze and salad dishes (including a marvelous tabbouleh), look for such choices as kibbe nayeh (a kind of steak tartar made with bulgur and spearmint) or bathenjan, a delicious hot appetizer of eggplant, fried bread, Lebanese country yogurt, and tahini touched with lemon and pomegranate, to which pieces of seasoned lamb can be added. Main courses include unusual oven-baked meat and chicken dishes, grilled meats, and scrumptious home-style dishes, such as lamb meatballs in a minty tomato sauce. With its sweeping vistas of Jerusalem from its location on the gardened rooftop terrace of the St. George Landmark Hotel, this is one of those rare restaurants where the food matches the superb views. Reservations are recommended.