This museum is packed with rusting mining equipment and displays dedicated to hard rock mining, which is fitting since it occupies the old buildings of the Alaska-Juneau Mine, once one of the most productive hard-rock gold mines in Alaska. A multi-tiered glass map shows the intricate network of tunnels miners blasted deep into the earth here. The train cars and engines that carried miners into the mountain are slowly rusting away outside. The museum’s run by the Gastineau Channel Historical Society, which consists largely of a married couple who live at the museum above the old mine’s giant compressor. It's a mile out of town, on forested Gold Creek, a nice long walk or a short drive from downtown. Check out the view the Mount Juneau Waterfall on the way. A visit also makes a perfect prelude to a half-day hike up the 3-mile Perseverance Trail, the route to the mountain site of the mine in the Silverbow Basin.