Getting There

Because of the proximity between Kas and Kalkan, a selection of long-distance buses serves one, the other, or both. Pamukkale (tel. 444-3535; 12 hr., 75TL) leaves at 9pm nightly and from Izmir (8 hr., 38TL), also leaving at 12:30 and at 10pm. Kamil Koç (tel. 444-0562) serves the long-distance routes from Istanbul, Ankara, and locally, from Ortaca and Dalaman.

Bati Antalya Tur ( minibuses leave regularly from Fethiye through Kalkan and on to Kas on its way to Antalya (1 1/2 hr., 17TL). The ride by minibus from Antalya takes as little as 3 1/4 hours (17TL) if you leave early in the morning, longer during the day or when traffic is heavier. Kalkan is about a half-hour away via local dolmus (3TL).

All the hotels and travel agents offer the service of airport transfers. Expect to pay 150€ from Dalaman airport and slightly more for Antalya.

Visitor Information

The tourist information office is located on Cumhuriyet Meydani 5 (tel. 0242/836-1238). The number for the otogar is tel. 0242/836-1020. Friday is market day.


The otogar is at the north end of town. If you were arriving by way of the Fethiye road, then you will have passed the new marina, protected under the outstretched arm of the Çukurbag Peninsula. When completed, the marina will be the third largest on the Turkish Mediterranean, and will host bars, restaurant, a spa, and even a helicopter pad.

From the otogar, the sloping street down to the town center, the harbor, and the old marina is called Atatürk Caddesi. West of the marina (turn right before the marina at the minuscule roundabout) are the ruins of Antiphellos and the well-preserved antique theater. This road makes the circuit of the Çukurbag Peninsula and then dumps you back onto the road into town.

In the opposite direction, up the hill past the marina to the east is Hükümet Caddesi, which leads to Küçükçakil and Büyükçaki beaches.

From Cumhuriyet Meydani at the harbor, the street that heads north, Ibrahim Serin Caddesi, is lined with shops, cafes, and bars. There are several travel agencies along this street, and the post office and banks are at the end of the commercial stretch. East of Ibrahim Serin Caddesi are beautiful craft and jewelry boutiques in converted traditional old wooden houses. A lone Lycian sarcophagus towers above the end of Uzun Çarsi Caddesi. Rock tombs are located high above town, obscured by the increased building at the top of the hill.

Getting Around

Few places in Kas are more than a 10-minute walk away, but if your accommodations are on the peninsula, you'll have to rely on a hotel transfer to get you there, because there is no minibus service, and taxi fares are uncommonly high. To get out of town to the sites mentioned in this section, you'll need to use one of the following modes of transport.

By Bus & Dolmus -- Minibus service runs regularly from Kas to Kalkan (3TL, daily service 8:30am-8:30 or 9pm), which you can take for day trips to Kaputas Beach, as well as to many of the surrounding sights.

By Taxi -- There are three taxi stands in town: Liman Taksi (tel. 0242/836-1489), Kas Taksi (next to the central mosque; tel. 0242/836-1933), and Çakil Taksi (tel. 0242/836-2448). If you're thinking of hiring one for day excursions, fares are posted outside the taxi stands, but in many cases, local travel agencies will provide more comfortable, air-conditioned cars or vans for lower prices than the taxi fare.

By Boat -- Occasionally there is water-taxi service from Kas to Üçagiz (3 hr. by boat), from there you can then hire a boat to explore Kekova. Check with the tourist information office to find out if it's in operation when you get there, but you may prefer to drive to Üçagiz for the freedom to stop along the way. If you prefer to get around independently and you know how to haggle effectively, head down to the harbor at any port village and see whether you can hire a boat yourself for a reasonable fee.

By Car -- With everything within walking distance, you'll need a car only to go exploring out of town. You're out of luck if you expected to earn points with Avis, Hertz, National, or Europcar; only local companies rent cars in Kas. As a consolation for lost frequent-flier miles, the rates will be lower.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.