Between lush tropical jungle of pandanus and ironwood trees and the brilliant blue ocean lie two crescents of inviting golden-sand beach, separated by a rocky outcropping. Here is Kauai at its most captivating—and where you must exercise the most caution. Locals have nicknamed it “Luma-die,” reflecting the sad tally of those drowned or seriously injured here. With no reef protection and a steeply sloping shore, the undertow and shorebreak are exceptionally strong, while the rocky ledges that seemingly invite exploration are often slapped by huge waves that knock sightseers into the tumbling surf and sharp rocks. Flash floods can also make the Lumahai River, which enters the ocean from the western beach, turn from a wading pool into a raging torrent. Plus, it has neither lifeguards nor facilities; parking is in a bumpy, unpaved area or along the narrow highway. So why would one even go here? When summer brings more tranquil surf, it’s a gorgeous setting to stretch out on the sand—not too close to the shorebreak—and soak in the untamed beauty. Note: The eastern beach, reached by a short, steep trail from the highway, is where Mitzi Gaynor sang “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” in South Pacific.