There’s no nose-to-tail riding at this working North Shore ranch, owned by descendants of the area’s first missionaries. Instead, horses amble across wide-open pastures with mountain and ocean views as you learn about Kauai’s paniolo (cowboy) history and distinctive landscape. The popular “ride n’ glide” option ($149) takes you to a secluded valley that you then traverse via ziplines (see “Ziplining,” below), while the Waterfall Picnic Ride ($149) leads to a short (but steep) hike down to a trail leading to a swimming pool at the base of an 80-foot waterfall; after a picnic lunch, you’ll climb out via a 10-foot rock wall. Both rides last 3 hours, with 90 minutes in the saddle. Less exertion is required on the 2-hour Paniolo Ride ($119) through lush pastures and the occasional herd of cattle. Note: Tours go out rain or shine, just like the cowboys.