Honored by the James Beard Foundation in 2006 as one of “America’s Classics,” this hole-in-the-wall has been satisfying local palates since 1951. Visitors have also now caught on to the appeal of saimin: large bowls of ramen noodles in salty broth with green onion, cabbage, and slices of fish cake, hard-boiled eggs, and pork, for starters. Here the housemade noodles are served al dente, and sometimes brusquely; figure out what you’re going to order before seating yourself at one of the U-shaped counters. The “special regular” includes wontons and diced ham; top off any dish with a barbecued chicken skewer. If your appetite isn’t large, order a to-go slice of the ultra-fluffy lilikoi (passion fruit) chiffon pie, just as renowned as the saimin. Shave ice is also delicious, but its separate counter isn’t always open. Note: There’s often a line inside and out; it moves fast, so stay put.