It would be inexcusable to drive all the way up to Waimea Canyon or Kokee State Park and not schedule a meal here—at least if you order one of its hearty, local-fave specialties. The go-to entrees are Portuguese bean soup (add a giant hunk of cornbread for an extra $3.50), kalua pork (served with rice or on a sesame-seed bun), and loco moco (hamburger patty, two eggs over rice, and brown gravy). Vegetarians can opt for the broccoli-spinach quiche or a simple peanut butter and guava jelly sandwich (served with fruit, for under $4). Sadly, the limited hours don’t make it easy for all-day hikers, but it’s worth having at least one person circle back early to place a to-go order, especially for a generous slice of lilikoi chiffon pie or the warm, chocolate-bottomed coconut pie. With wooden tables and chairs, the dining room occupies the front half of a long cabin with picture windows overlooking the meadow next to the Kokee Museum; the rear gift shop is fun to peruse while waiting for food to arrive. Service is no-frills: Everything comes on paper plates, drinks and chips are self-serve, and you pay at the cashier.