Roger Kennedy operated a North Shore taco wagon for 20-odd years before taking up residence over a decade ago in this cottage-style building with a pleasant porch; food still come on paper plates. Although the menu has local/sustainable touches—the fresh seafood comes from North Shore fishermen, the lettuce mix is organic, and the fish and chips come with taro fries—the focus here is on satisfying hefty appetites. You might opt for the grilled fish special in soft corn tacos or as a crispy tostada rather than the gut-busting, deep-fried Fat Jack beef or veggie burrito, and be aware that any extras (cheese, sour cream, avocado) drive up prices quickly. Note: Hanalei has few places that are open for breakfast, so it’s worth the occasional wait for your choice of one of four scrambled-egg burritos (try the taro and cheese, $7).