After the best possible deal right on Duval Street? Here’s your home base, in the thick of it all. With a vaguely nautical, blue-and-white Deco-style facade, this latest incarnation of a hotel that’s occupied the corner since the 1940s was recently given an inside/out refresh by owner Sandeep Singh, whose family has owned the Pegasus for 3 decades. The rooms have a motel-ish feel but are comfortable and well equipped, and the main common area is a nice little roof deck with a pool, a Jacuzzi, and a bar serving light fare (Indian fare, even, just to spice things up a bit). Let me stress that given its front-and-center location, it’s probably not the place to drop your bags unless you’re okay with some late-night ruckus from the streets below. Remarks Sandeep ruefully, “Ninety percent of guests say they want a room overlooking Duval, but then there’s always a few who complain about noise.”