Behind the unassuming, palm-hidden facade of a onetime cigar factory is a lushly landscaped little world unto itself: 11 converted Bahamian-style houses and cottages dating from the 1880s. Though all have the usual modern amenities, units vary quite a bit, from the rustic-feeling cigar-factory rooms, paneled in Dade County pine, to suites with a more contemporary, Asian-inflected flavor. Most also sport travel mementos of and artwork by Simonton Court’s owner since the 1980s, Kentucky-born Sue Clay Moloney (Like that watercolor? Have they got a deal for you). A handful of narrow “shotgun” cottages, near the entrance, were once occupied by cigar-factory workers that have been converted to luxe loft duplexes complete with rockers and swings on front porches. The two corners of the main pool are fragments of the brick walls of the water cistern that once stood on the very spot. Atmosphere like this, plus the friendly, helpful staff, keep regulars coming back, and also mean it can be tough to score a reservation—especially in season.