Weather can be a big deal in the Gulf of Mexico, which is why the U.S. Navy built this two-story, neoclassical-style storm-tracking station in 1912. By the 1990s, it had been transformed into a bed-and-breakfast of just eight genteel rooms (though weather balloons are occasionally still launched from the roof). I’d have to say that because of its unusual history and small size, as well as unique location—on a very peaceful residential block of the former Navy base, yet a short, no-sweat stroll to Mallory Square and Duval Street—this is one inn that’s definitely for a very particular type of vacationer. There are no gregarious cocktail hours by the pool or extensive gardens; here the allure is intimacy and tranquility, and innkeeper Barbara Church plays hostess outstandingly. One nifty little twist on the “breakfast” part: instead of being served in a common area, it’s delivered to your door in a cute little basket, so you can take it poolside or anywhere else you want. The inn is trickier to find than the address might indicate, but Barbara will send you detailed directions.