Even in death, the nation's most taciturn president didn't get much respect. But a trip to this historic site should restore Silent Cal's reputation once and for all among visitors, who'll get a strong sense of the man reared in this mountain village. The only president born on Independence Day, Coolidge was shaped by the strong sense of community and the harsh weather and isolation of his high upland valley. He's still a hero to Vermonters. The historic district consists of a group of about a dozen unspoiled buildings open to the public, plus a number of other private residences that can be observed from the outside only. Coolidge grew up here, and in August 1923 in his boyhood home -- the Coolidge Homestead, open for tours -- Vice President Coolidge was awakened and informed that President Warren Harding had died. His own father, a notary public, administered the presidential oath of office. Coolidge is buried in the cemetery across the road, where every July 4th a wreath is laid at his simple grave in a quiet ceremony. The bright foliage in the surrounding hills is another reason to visit here.