After a visit to Charlottetown and the island's central towns, Kings County comes as a bit of a surprise. It's far more tranquil and uncluttered than Queens County, and the landscapes feature woodlots alternating with corn, grain, and potato fields. Although locals play up this county's two largest commercial centers -- Souris and Montague -- it's good to keep in mind that each of these coastal hamlets has a population of less than 2,000. So don't arrive here expecting attractions to amuse and entertain you; you'll have to do that yourself.

Fortunately, this is prime cycling territory, and walks on the empty beaches are another good tonic for life. Long drives in the country, with occasional stops for eats or to snap photos, are usually the order of the day.

Note that if you're heading to Kings County from Charlottetown, you'll pass right through Orwell and its historic sites en route. It's a worthwhile stop. For more information on Orwell, see the village's listings in the "Queens County" section.