Widely respected, hugely popular, and yet brilliantly simple, the Fishy Fishy is one of the best restaurants in Kinsale. The owners also have a gourmet store and fish-and-chips shop on Guardwell Street, but this is their flagship. The skillfully prepared, fresh seafood comes from a small number of trusted local suppliers. And we do mean local: Shane catches the cod and turbot, Maurice provides the crab, Christy, David, and Jimmy catch the prawns—you get the idea. Exactly what’s cooking depends on the day's catch, but you can expect to find the signature Fishy Fishy pie of salmon and shellfish in a creamy sauce with a breadcrumb topping, and a plate of classic fish in tempura batter with homemade chips (remember: that means thick-cut fries around here). Reservations are only taken for dinner, so this place gets packed during lunchtime.