Accessed by tour only— there are daily tours in Engish (see the website for times)—the University Museum contains remarkable treasures whose significance will be entertainingly described by your guide. The 30 minutes fly by as you are shown lecture rooms and ceremonial halls, taking in a copper globe from the early 1500s with the Americas depicted for the first time, an astrolabe from Arabia dated 1054, and astronomical instruments from when Copernicus studied here in the 1490s. In the cramped Copernicus Room, your guide will point out discs, globes, and instruments he would have used. Sadly, much of the paperwork is facsimile—the Swedes took the original Copernicus collection, kept today at the Uppsala University Library. Your visit culminates with the ornate Aula where graduation ceremonies still take place. Text over its Renaissance portal reads: Plus Ratio Quam Vis—“Let Reason Prevail Over Strength.” A further hour-long tour takes in the permanent art collection (with pieces by Rembrandt and Rubens). A child-friendly interactive exhibition runs on occasional mornings.