One of the world's most underrated treasures, Krakow's Museum of Japanese Art and Technology is located over the river from Wawel. Many of the items were bequeathed in the 1920s by eccentric art collector Feliks Jasieński to Krakow’s National Museum—fabrics, art, wood engravings, and weapons. For little-known reasons, Jasieński dedicated his life to seeking out artifacts from Japan. In storage for decades, the collection caught the interest of film director Andzrej Wajda and his wife, always keen to raise the cultural profile of the city. On their initiative, a riverside center was built to house Jasieński’s artifacts and to host exhibitions by contemporary Japanese artists. Arata Isozaki’s light-filled complex is the perfect backdrop for the 7,000-strong permanent collection, shown in rotation, and for diverse temporary shows. Manggha also contains a hall, a terrace cafe, and a sushi bar.