Best Nightlife in Krakow

Kraków is the cultural hub of southern Poland and, as such, supports an active program of live theater, dance, classical music, and opera. The Cultural Information Center (Sw. Jana 2; tel. 12/421-77-87) is the first stop to find out what's on and to s...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Name Category
Alchemia Bars & Pubs
ARS Cinema Films
Awaria Dance Clubs
Bagatela Theater Performing Arts Venue
C.K. Browar Bars & Pubs
Cień Dance Clubs
Cinema City Films
Cudowne Lata Bars & Pubs
Drukarnia Bars & Pubs
Dym Bars & Pubs
Forty Kleparz Nightlife
Frantic Dance Clubs
Groteska Theater Performing Arts Venue
Harris Piano Jazz Bar Bars & Pubs
Juliusz Sƚowacki Theater Performing Arts Venue
Kawiarnia Naukowa Nightlife
Kijów Films
Klub Cocon Gay & Lesbian Bars
Klub Ministerstwo Dance Clubs
Krakow Chamber Opera Performing Arts Venue
Krakow Opera Performing Arts Venue
Krakow Philharmonic Performing Arts Venue
Królicze Oczy Bars & Pubs
Kurant Music
Les Couleurs Bars & Pubs
Miejsce Bars & Pubs
Mile Stone Jazz Club The Club & Music Scene
Mleczarnia Bars & Pubs
Moment Bars & Pubs
Multikino Films
Music Corner Music
Off Kijów Klub Dance Clubs
Orange IMAX Kraków Films
Piec Art The Club & Music Scene
Piękny Pies Dance Clubs
Pod Baranami Films
Propaganda Bars & Pubs
Rdza Dance Clubs
Rotunda Nightlife
Singer Bars & Pubs
Stalowe Magnolie/Piano Rouge Nightlife
Stary Theater Performing Arts Venue