These shy creatures found near Kratie are highly endangered, the casualties of hunting for their oils and collateral damage from dynamite fishing. Forty years ago, it's estimated that the dolphins here numbered in the four figures. Now there are estimated to be fewer than 100. There was some hope that the ban on net fishing in these waters and an increase in conservation awareness was beginning to have a positive effect on dolphin numbers. It is certainly true that local people now realize it is very much in their interest to see the dolphins preserved since they are a valuable tourism resource and a source of income. Pollutants in the river, however, are driving the dolphins to extinction. The dolphins can be found at Kampi about 15km (9 1/2 miles) north of town and your guesthouse will be able to point you in the direction of a motodup for the afternoon. The trip costs about $4. Once at Kampi, a boat out to view the dolphins costs about $4 per person. Both the Star Guesthouse and the You Hong Guesthouse run an all-inclusive package. Once you're on the water, get the boatman to switch off his engine. You then simply sit there and relax, scanning the waters waiting for these elusive creatures to break the surface. It becomes a fairly mesmerizing experience and very satisfying when you catch sight of a few dolphins.