This is Kunming's unintentional version of the Khao San area of years gone by in Bangkok. Stretching for about 5 blocks up from Yunnan University and then another 3 blocks to the right, this is where college students, expats, local residents, foreign language teachers, and the "cool" people get together throughout the day and into the evening. It has everything from French cafes to Indian restaurants, a host of Korean restaurants, an English bookstore, DVD stores, bars, and a host of bakeries most notably Just Hot on Jian She Road. Be warned, Wenhua Xiang is a traffic nightmare, with a narrow alley serving as a two-way street -- often leading to standoffs between cars that meet in the alley with no way to get around each other. Wenhua Xiang is also an access road for some of Kunming's most important schools. Fortunately, the authorities are planning to bury the overhead power lines and create a pedestrian pathway.