If your kids are ready to mutiny because of yet another temple, get on their good side by coming to this studio park, one of Japan's three major film companies and where most of the samurai flicks are made. Don't expect the high-tech, polished glitz of American theme parks -- rather, this is a working studio where more than 200 TV and movie productions are filmed each year. Indoor and outdoor movie sets re-create the mood, setting, and atmosphere of feudal and turn-of-the-20th-century Japan, complete with "villages" lined with samurai houses and old-time shops. Stagehands carry around props, hammers, and saws, and rework sets. You may even see a famous star walking around dressed in samurai garb, or come upon a scene being filmed. There are, of course, other attractions, including a museum tracing the history of the film industry, a 20-minute ninja show four times a day Monday through Friday, a special-effects show, a haunted house, a games arcade, and indoor rides and play areas for children (extra charges for haunted house and rides). You can also have a photo taken of yourself decked out in a kimono or samurai gear. Note: Back lots are open only on weekends when there is no filming, but kids will prefer a weekday when there are ninja shows and filming. Come here only if you have a lot of time (you'll probably spend a minimum of 2 hr. here), are a cinema buff, or have youngsters in tow.