I can't imagine anyone who enjoys sleeping on a plane, but those who do might want to check in for a similar experience here. A step up from capsule hotels, it offers 77 cabins for men and 44 for women, all nonsmoking and designed for single use (no doubles here) and available in two sizes. A Business Class Cabin is just a smidgen larger than the bed, with the rest of the space taken up by a nightstand with a small locker for valuables. That translates into absolutely no floor space; smaller people might be able to dress standing on the bed, but taller people will have to get creative. Of course, there's also no space for luggage, so you might find yourself sleeping with that as well. If that's too cozy for comfort, spring for a First Class Cabin, which offers a bit of floor space. All cabins have wall-mounted TVs, Wi-Fi, and screens that close for privacy (there's no lock). I recommend picking up a free pair of earplugs from the front desk, because you're going to need them. Breakfast, beer, and other drinks and snacks are available in the lounge; there's another women's lounge on the dedicated ladies' floor. In short, the rooms here are the smallest I've ever seen, but I'd kill to get one on a real plane.