This family-owned inn, now in its third generation of innkeepers and in the able hands of English-speaking Mr. Nishiyama, has a great location just a few minutes' walk from downtown. Although the building itself is nondescript, inside it strives for a traditional atmosphere, with a small courtyard garden visible just beyond the lobby, a public bath with a view of the garden's waterfall, and mostly Japanese-style tatami rooms (there are also three Western-style twins), all nonsmoking. Kaiseki dinners are available with reservations made at least three days in advance. It even presents a free tea ceremony in the lobby most mornings, with other cultural events like calligraphy, origami, or koto performances offered once a week. The only downside, perhaps, is that its moderate rates attract school groups, but a youthful clientele seems hardly a deterrent for Japanese-style accommodations in this price range in the heart of Kyoto.