This chain opened its first restaurant in Fukuoka in 1985 and has since spread to hundreds of locations in Japan and abroad. But while ramen might be eaten around the world, no one eats it with as much gusto as the Japanese. To fully enjoy the full flavors of ramen, which at Ippudo means a broth made from three types of pork bones simmered for 18 hours, it's imperative to slurp the noodles, which also helps cool the hot temperature so you don't burn yourself (waiting until the ramen cooled would totally diminish the aroma and flavor). In any case, ramen noodles served here are thin and offer a variety of choices, like the Ippudo Karaka with a spicy miso topping (you get to choose the level of spiciness). On your table is also pickled ginger, spicy sprouts, and do-it-yourself sesame grinders and garlic presses. I also can't resist the gyoza (fried pork dumplings), so my favorite time to come is for the weekday lunch that comes with ramen, gyoza, and rice. It has a contemporary setting, with both tables and counters where you can watch the cooks in action in the open kitchen.