This well-known tofu restaurant near Nanzenji has been open since 1961, but its extensive garden and main building with a thatched roof are remnants from the days when this location served as a medical school established in 1839 during the shogun era. It attracts tourists and tour groups, but everything runs smoothly with Japanese efficiency and ordering is easy because of the English-language menu. As soon as you arrive you'll be given a menu and asked what you'd like to eat, because that determines where you'll be seated in the restaurant's various buildings. If you order the house specialty—one of the yudofu set meals that includes tofu simmered in an earthen pot, vegetable tempura, skewered and grilled tofu, and an assortment of other dishes—you'll probably be led to an older building filled with antiques and overlooking the garden. Other set meals offer yuba (soy milk curd) and other possibilities. If you want kaiseki, shabu-shabu, or sukiyaki, you need a reservation.