Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) is inexpensive comfort food in Japan. This restaurant, on the top floor of Isetan department store at Kyoto Station, has both a display case of popular dishes and an English-language menu to help you choose your meal. And set meals are the way to go, with combinations that might give you tonkatsu plus crab cream croquette or prawn cutlet, plus barley rice, miso soup, cabbage, and pickled vegetables (like most tonkatsu restaurants, you get free refills of rice, cabbage, soup, and vegetables). At your table will be a mortar and pestle for sesame seeds that you can grind up and add to your tonkatsu sauce. But what really sets this place apart from tonkatsu restaurants across Japan is that because it's in Kyoto, it also offers yuba (thin sheets of soy bean curd), such as the yuba-rolled seasonal vegetable cutlet, making it good also for vegetarians. Other restaurants in "The Cube," Isetan's dedicated restaurant floor, offer tempura, soba, sushi, and Italian and Chinese food.