The refined regional cuisine here is so good, it’s worth planning a stop. However, with the chic two-Michelin starred 64° Le Restaurant and a traditional Winstub, it will be difficult to decide which one to choose. To truly tantalize your palate, opt to dine on chef Olivier Nasti's sophisticated gastronomic delights, which have also earned him the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. His creative, seasonal menu could include local roebuck pie served on a bed of young greens and drizzled in truffle juice, or the signature cauliflower with smoked haddock topped with Tsar Imperial caviar—whereas over in the rustic Winstub, you could enjoy a heartier meal of homemade game paté, “Chambord" sauerkraut served with various pork cuts, Munster cheese from the Valley, and finally traditional Alsatian cake (kugelhopf) with cinnamon-flavored ice cream. In either venue, the cellar is stocked with the best local vintages. Reservations are required.

Next to the restaurant is a stylish hotel annex (with an elegant spa) with 32 recently refurbished rooms. A double goes for 224€ to 329€, a suite from 395€.