An addition to the Lafayette scene is this reconstruction of a Cajun-Creole settlement from the 1765-to-1890 era. Vermilionville sits on the banks of the brooding Bayou Vermilion, adjacent to the airport on U.S. 90. While it may sound like a "Cajunland" theme park, it's actually quite a valid operation. Hundreds of skilled artisans labored to restore original Cajun homes and to reconstruct others that were typical of such a village. Homes of every level in society are represented, from the humblest to the most well-to-do. (It must be authentic: One Cajun we know refuses to go, not because he dislikes the place or finds it offensive but because "I already live in Vermilionville!") The costumed staff in each gives a vivid demonstration of daily life back then, and craftspeople ply their traditional crafts. In the performance center, there are plays, music, dancing, and storytelling. Vermilionville is both bigger and better than Acadian Village.