About 15 miles north of Wolfeboro is this rather unusual, castle-like attraction. Boston shoemaker-turned-millionaire Thomas Gustave Plant built an eccentric stone edifice on top of a little mountain overlooking Winnipesaukee in 1913, at a cost of $7 million (in 1913 dollars!) as a retreat from his factory. Known as "Lucknow" at the time, the home is a sort of rustic, smaller San Simeon East, with cliff-hugging rooms, stained-glass windows, and unrivaled views of surrounding hills and lakes. Park at the carriage house; from there, you're led through the house by knowledgeable tour guides. Look for mannequin knights in suits of armor, old shotguns, exotic wood carvings, tusks -- guy stuff, basically. Even if the castle isn't interesting to you, the 5,200-acre grounds and the views (which get even better in foliage season) are worth the price of admission alone. So is the access road, which is harrowingly narrow and twisty in spots but rewards the brave traveler with wonderful views and turnouts along the way. Bring. A. Camera. (A different road back downhill is uninteresting.) There's also a cafe at the top. This place is quirky and marvelous -- but if it's rainy, skip it.