This rustic yet very comfortable eco-lodge is set on a gentle hillside on the banks of the New River, about a mile from the Lamanai ruins. The rooms here are all large and made of heavy local hardwoods, with high thatch roofs. Save for two cabanas with A/C, a ceiling fan is all you have—and all you will need—to cool things off. All the rooms have a private or semiprivate balcony or veranda; most of which come with a hammock all ready for your afternoon siesta. While all the rooms are very similar in comfort and design, you’ll want to ask for a riverfront room to be able to catch the sunrise from your front porch. A wide range of tours and activities is available here, and the guides are excellent. Down by the river there’s a swimming and sunbathing dock. There are also canoes here that guests can take out on the New River at any time.