Few things surprise me in this strange part of the state, where images of Jesus are known to appear on stucco walls and ghosts are said to inhabit the old haciendas, but I must say that my head turned when I saw alpacas grazing in a meadow here. I stopped immediately and stepped out of my car just in time for a tour. With a small cup of feed I purchased, I followed a young boy out to some lush pens where the odd South American Andean creatures greeted us with a harmonica-like hum. Very friendly, they ate from our hands while the babies roamed about, heads held high, marble-clear brown eyes looking quizzical. Also on-site is a store that sells sweaters and shawls made from alpaca wool, as well as a loom where visitors can try weaving. Weaving and spinning demonstrations are available on request. Group tours are also available.