Locals will tell you that they were always curious as to what was beyond the tall white and gold gates emblazoned with “Casa de Shenandoah.” Everyone knew it was Wayne Newton’s house, a fortress that only the truly famous ever got to see. But it wasn’t until two years ago that Mr. Las Vegas himself threw open his gates and welcomed the public to see the Eden that he has built in the middle of the desert. He started with five acres in 1966, eventually claiming the surrounding 52 acres that include not only the original house he and his family lived in, but the stables where he breeds Arabian horses, a gilded jet, and an exotic animal sanctuary.

The tour actually begins across the street, at the visitor’s center for a 15-minute video that refreshes your memory on all things Wayne Newton. Then, you’ll board a bus that takes you across the street and through the remote-controlled gates to enter into this lush oasis. General admission prices include only the museum, which, while filled with the performer’s collection of classic cars, treasured memorabilia and favorite costumes, are just the tip of the Newton iceberg. I highly recommend paying for a bigger, guided tour package that lets you fully explore the grounds. Sit in the lap of luxury in his since-decommissioned private jet, watch his horses take a dip in a circular pool, or meet exotic animals, such as a Capuchin monkey, Australian wallabies and even penguins (who keepers swear don’t mind the hot weather). The mansion is the final stop for the most elaborate tour, and while it may not be massive by MTV Cribs standards, it’s still an opulent, ornate palace. Newton and his family of course don’t live on the property anymore, but you might get a Newt sighting if you’re lucky. If you want to guarantee you get some personal time with the man, there’s always the Exclusive Mr. Las Vegas Experience which I imagine costs something extravagant—much like the house that Wayne Newton built.