Kitsch is still king at this elaborate castle on the Strip. Excalibur fulfills that “adult Disney” mentality that the city was trying to go after in the early ’90s. It’s enormous, it’s loud, and it’s often crowded, but despite a few updates to the decor, it still doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If you’re on a budget, the standard rooms should suit you just fine; they’re comfortable, if a bit outdated. The Contemporary Tower rooms are worth the extra price upgrade for more modern (as the name implies) touches and decor, as well as nicer bathrooms. Come prepared with earplugs, however, as the walls are woefully thin, so you can hear exactly what your neighbors are saying and doing (and vice versa). For the price though, you won’t find any better location on the Strip.

A medieval wedding isn’t a rare request these days, and should you decide at the last minute you want to do a themed wedding, you can rent your own Guinevere and Lancelot (or Arthur, whoever fits) attire from the Canterbury Wedding Chapel (though one representative told us that requests lately have been more Game of Thrones than Arthurian legend).


For those fair maidens who aren’t getting married just yet, the hunky Aussies from Thunder From Down Under are ready to show you what the fuss is all about. A totally different group of Aussies, The Australian Beegees, are a surprisingly accurate tribute act that put on a fun, disco-filled, nostalgic show.

The second floor holds the Medieval Village, where several of Excalibur’s restaurants and shops are peppered along winding streets and alleyways, a sort of permanent Renaissance Faire, which could be reason enough to stay away (or to come). Up here you can access the enclosed, air-conditioned, moving sidewalk that connects with the Luxor. The pool area has some nice landscaping, fancy cabanas, and the like. There are plenty of restaurants, including a branch of the popular Buca di Beppo, a buffet, and Dick’s Last Resort. There’s also a very loud, claustrophobic casino that is most notable as being the place where the largest slot machine jackpot in history was won ($39.7 million in 2003).


Excalibur is still one of the only kid-friendly resorts on the Strip (we suppose it’s hard to get away from that reputation when you’re in the shape of a giant castle). The Fun Dungeon arcade features more than 150 carnival and arcade games, and is perfect for bored kids and teens.