If you're looking for a very cheap place to crash during a convention, the Rodeway is a fair selection. It's definitely a Las Vegas antique, a motel among monsters, and when you first approach its low, '50s-era, sunbaked exterior, you may feel a bit deflated. But the rooms, which are full of other vacationers (not unsavory characters), are large, cool, and just what you need in an off-Strip motel-style stay. If you're in town for a major convention, when all the big resorts jack up their prices to $600 a night, the Rodeway will still only be $100. No room has a view, but you can walk to the Convention Center in about five minutes and south to the Encore in about seven. The breakfast will not knock your socks off either, but you don't come to Vegas for breakfasts, and the usual $50 rate for a room more than makes up for it.