The gold, gleaming towers that stand apart from the Strip are bound to catch your eye, making you wonder, who stays all the way out there when the main attraction is close enough to touch? The answer: budget-conscious travelers who still fulfill their need for expensive-feeling accommodations. And they also probably like horses.

Similar in caliber to The Orleans and Gold Coast, South Point offers decent rooms at reasonable prices. You can spend what you save on lodgings right at South Point, either on the sprawling casino floor or at its myriad entertainment options, such as the bowling alley, cinema, or, during the right time of year, at the 500,000-square-foot Arena and Equestrian Center.

Super old-school continental restaurant Michael’s Gourmet Room is alive and well at South Point, after being transported there from Barbary Coast many years ago—stained glass dome and all. There’s a perfunctory steak house, old school oyster bar, and a Mexican spot, but one of the most pleasant surprises is finding Midwestern favorite Steak ‘n Shake flipping burgers until late at night.

The rooms are spacious for the area, starting at about 500 square feet, with all the amenities you’d find in rooms further north on Las Vegas Boulevard: 42-inch plasma screen TVs and comfy beds, all in a subdued color palate. And let’s face it, for those who just want a place to store their stuff and lay their head at night (or morning), the price at South Point—often a whole $100 less than its Strip counterparts on any given night—is always right.