The rebirth of the worn Imperial Palace into this, the trying-to-be-hip-and-modern the Quad, has primarily involved redoing the casino, the facade, and some of the other public spaces. To be sure, the new look, while a bit bland, is a huge improvement over the old one, with modern lines, rich earth tones, contemporary furnishings and decor, and lots of natural light from big windows facing the Strip.

A much-needed makeover of the rooms was just getting underway as this book went to press, so we can’t tell you much about them other than to say that anything would be an improvement over the old, very worn accommodations that used to be here. Of course, the bad news is that as the hotel gets nicer, the prices get higher, and now your options for basic, rock-bottom cheap rooms on the Strip are mostly gone.

The casino is much more complete than it used to be; there’s a big pool, and they have lots of entertainment options, including a fun show from comic-juggler Jeff Civilico and an automotive museum. Dining options include the fantastic Hash House a Go Go and a restaurant from celebrity chef Guy Fieri, among others.