In a town where celebrities are often paid to make appearances (read: they get paid stupid money to hang out in a private booth and drink free booze), this is one of the few clubs where the celebrities actually go of their own free will. The New York transplant opened with a bang: performances by Fergie and a legendary 3-hour DJ set by none other than Kanye West, setting the tone for the star-studded years to come. The 16,000-square-foot space is actually visually interesting, with cool modern artwork, dark woods, track lighting, and elevated poles ready to be danced around. Low ceilings, and clusters of booths ready for bottle service, make this a tight space to walk through if you’re not seated at a table, but mostly you’re just there to see and, hopefully, be seen by any number of A-listers that stop in, like Katy Perry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Adam Levine, who all just want to have a good time like everyone else. Though 1 OAK stands for One Of A Kind, we question the veracity of this acronym considering that there are also 1 OAKs in New York and Los Angeles. It’s open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30pm until 4am.