Based on the name, you’d think that this second beer garden to open on the Strip this year would be at The Park, but surprise! This one is on the rooftop of the Paris hotel, and produced by the king of beers itself, Budweiser. There’s way more than just the classic red label beer being served from the more than 36 taps and additional 60 or so bottle and can selections. Not surprisingly, most are Budweiser products, even those you that give the appearance of being craft beer labels (or once were craft beers only to be bought up by the likes of Anheuser Busch), like Goose Island, Shock Top and Firestone Walker. Nevada local Joseph James brewery does make an appearance, though. As far as outdoor beer drinking vibes go, compared to the one across the street, the Beer Park is less yuppie and more sports-oriented, while giant Jenga games and burgers from the grill make it feel more like an evening in your own backyard. It’s open daily from 11am until late.