Are they blue? Indeed they are—three bald, nonspeaking men dipped in azure paint, doing decidedly odd stunts with marshmallows, art supplies, smoke-ring blowing cannons, giant inflatable balls, commenting on the use of technology and social media without saying a word, and an amazing array of percussion instruments fashioned fancifully from PVC piping. Blue Man has moved back to its original Las Vegas home, Luxor, with an updated and re-imagined show to fit into the new, smaller space. Moments of silly genius are a staple—those oddly compelling, giant smoke rings, for example, and a routine with a Twinkie and a hapless audience member are classics—but the new, cozier theater allows the troupe to create a more intimate, immersive experience and a few new surprises. In the end, the show that used to be unique in Vegas is now uniquely Vegas, as much a part of the entertainment landscape as Cirque du Soleil, and for that alone it is worth a visit. Box office bonus: Buy your directly tickets at the Luxor and certain ticket price points also get you free admission to the resort’s Bodies or Titanic exhibitions. Shows are nightly at 7 and 9:30pm.