Set off a walkway between the MGM Grand parking garage and the casino, this comedy club isn’t the easiest to find. But for Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett’s self-deprecating-style of stand-up, this underground lair, with its cabaret-style stage and intimate seating, has just the right, pretention-free ambiance. The star appears here regularly, along with an ever-revolving roster of talented comedians. The humor tends to run on the raunchy side; if you’re easily offended, remember you’re in Vegas. Lighten up. Photos of comedy legends hang on the walls; reserve a booth to feel like a VIP. There’s no food, but there are three different types of flavored popcorn to snack on; specialty cocktails are a must, but be aware that there will be a pre-added gratuity to your bill. Shows are nightly at 8pm.