A collaboration between the Beatles (by way of Sir George Martin’s son, who re-configured and remixed the music with a free hand that may distress purists) and Cirque du Soleil, this is the usual Cirque triumph of imaginative design, but it also feels surprisingly hollow. Yes, there’s inspiration in the idea of pairing Beatles’ music with Cirque’s joyous spectacle. But while Cirque shows have never been big on plot, the intense aimlessness of this production means that the show too quickly dissolves into simply the introduction of one novel staging element after another. In other words, its visual fabulousness ends up repetitious rather than thrilling. Still, the familiar music provides an aura of accessibility to the sometimes-dense world of Cirque du Soleil that other Vegas productions don’t, so it could be good for Cirque newbies. Shows are held Thursday through Monday at 7 and 9:30p.