Illusionists don’t come any more illustrious than David Copperfield, who has been in the business for decades and has done everything from making the Statue of Liberty disappear to walking through the Great Wall of China. He has played semi-regular sets at the MGM Grand for years, but now is making the hotel his home with his name on the showroom. He mixes small, up-close magic like popping balloons “with his mind” and making a small piece of tissue dance up someone’s arm, with larger stunts like making a car appear out of nowhere and causing an entire group from the audience to disappear (from the stage, not their seats). His laconic, “I’m so good at this I don’t need to make a big deal about it” stage presence is a welcome relief from the hyper-dramatic theatrics that other magicians of his caliber often embrace, and Copperfield’s ever-evolving act means that even if you have seen one of his TV specials, you’ll witness new tricks here. Shows are held nightly at 7 and 9:30pm with an additional 4pm show on Saturday.