This dive bar on Las Vegas Boulevard marks the divide between the glitzy part of the Strip and grittier Downtown, and chances are you’ve breezed right past it. Which, if you ask the locals perched on stools at the bar, is just fine with them. The family-run watering hole has been an unofficial landmark since 1962, as the city has grown around it. If you’ve ever wondered what a bona fide locals bar looks like in Las Vegas, this is it, complete with smoky atmosphere, video poker nestled into counters, cheap, no-frills drinks, cold beer, and not a lick of sunlight, even in the daylight hours. Come in often enough and you’ve got a shot at being nominated by bartenders as Drunk of the Month. On weekends you’ll find some of the best karaoke in town, hosted by a guy named Danny whose pipes are so good, you’ll wonder why he doesn’t just sing the whole show himself. The kiosk in the parking lot is a recent addition, having served as an incubator for several dining concepts that have gone on to become brick-and-mortar restaurants. Whoever’s cooking in the kiosk when you’re there is bound to be putting out great food, which you can eat inside the bar. Dino’s is open daily 24 hours.