From the same people who brought you Light at Mandalay Bay comes this place that has all the ingredients that seem to make Las Vegas nightclubs popular these days. It’s crowded, dark, insanely expensive, loud, attitudinal, at times downright obnoxious, and yet somehow it all works. If you manage to make it past the crazy long lines, the dimly lit interior of the club features multiple levels, several bars, a big dance floor, lots of VIP bottle-service booths and tables, and a killer light-and-sound system, plus strange little exhibition rooms where costumed models pose in various states of repose. Are those wood nymphs? Okay. It’s like a fever dream with a bass beat. Haze! Got it. Jersey Shore fans should note that DJ Pauly D is frequently behind the turntable here. It’s open Thursday through Saturday from 10:30pm until 4am.