Taking over the space (and the general concept) from the long-closed Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce, this prohibition-style speakeasy features more than just great cocktails, a kick-back vibe, and some terrific retro/new music (sampling artists like Gloria Estefan and C+C Music Factory with EDM and hip-hop beats). It has actual entertainment in the form of frequent stage presentations from a small jazz ensemble and a bevy of beauties doing peek-a-boo striptease acts. It’s not a strip club—don’t expect a lap dance or even an actual topless woman (look closely to see the flesh-colored bras they end with)—but in many ways it’s even more sexy than the bump-and-grind monotony you often find in those places. Other acts include some fun singers who play up the Roaring ‘20s theme and reality star and former Playboy playmate Holly Madison, who not only has her name on the place, but also appears often as part of the entertainment. Treat yourself at the bar to their barrel-aged bourbons or one of their signature, retro-themed cocktails like a gin fizz or a pisco sour. One downside for those sensitive to it: The bar offers hand-rolled cigars. and lots of people come here to smoke them. It’s open Wednesday through Saturday from 10pm until dawn.