After more than 25 years as a nighttime show at hotels like the Imperial Palace and Harrah’s, this parade of faux celebrities made the move to afternoons at the Flamingo in 2013. The only real difference is that it is daylight when you walk out of the showroom. Performers vary depending on when you see the show; you may catch “Janet Jackson” and “Diana Ross,” or you could get “Lady Gaga” and “Prince,” but you will almost always get “Elvis.” Unlike other impersonator shows, the singing is live (no lip-syncing, even when “Britney” is performing), which can enhance the illusion or destroy it. Some performers succeed more in appearance and others do better with vocal mimicry, and while most are at least passable, there are a few that will leave you wondering if he or she is the real thing playing a joke on the audience. Don’t scoff; Ellen DeGeneres did that very thing during a 2008 show and captured the audience reactions (“didn’t look anything like her”) for her daytime talkfest. Shows are daily at 4pm, 7:30 pm amd 9:30pm.