The best daytime show, in fact one of the most exceptional shows in Vegas period, the Mac King Show is that rare breed of entertainment that’s not only appropriate for all ages, it’s actually a show that junior, grandma, and the hot date you met in Vegas will enjoy. A comedian with a big talent for magic—King is the only magician who was asked to appear on all five of NBC’s “World’s Greatest Magic Show” specials—King looks like a refugee from The Music Man, wearing an old-fashioned plaid suit and a goofy aw-shucks expression. His tricks are oddball illusions (featuring fellows in bear suits, a “cloak of invisibility,” and disappearing heads), which he performs with a generous dose of whimsy and intelligence. If there’s any justice in the world, he’ll soon be headlining his own evening show. He’s that good. Shows are held Tuesday through Saturday at 1 and 3pm.